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Fields of competency

"The creative person pays close attention to what appears discordant and contradictory and is challenged by such irregularities."

- F. Barron

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These are areas in which we have worked:

 Accelerated drying technology

 Accelerating functionality of appliances (hand dryers, toasters, etc.)

 Advanced audio systems

 Advanced solar energy systems

 Analytical instruments

 Applied mathematics

 Artificial diamonds

 Audio noise control

 Automotive accessories and aftermarket devices

 Ballistic missile defense systems


 Building and construction technologies

 Ceramic materials and processes

 Computer algebra systems

 Consumer products

 Cosmetics (artificial nails, nail polish, sunscreens)


 Diamond films

 Electrochemical processes

 Electromagnetic theory

 Electromechanical devices

 Electronic consumer devices


 Energy conversion (one form to another)


 Food processing technology in the home

 Fuel cells



 Gardening devices

 General relativity

 Glasses and glazes

 Golf and sports-related devices

 Hand-held electronic devices

 Heat transfer technology

 High temperature materials

 Improving performance of appliances (hand dryers, toasters, etc.)

 Invention and patent development

 Ion beams

 Jewelry using modern technology

 Kitchen appliances

 Kitchen electrics


 Lighting technologies (including back lighting and remote illumination)

 Magnetics and magnetic materials

 Major commercial appliances

 Major home appliances

 Materials technology

 Mathematical software

 Medical devices including surgical

 Medical instruments (both diagnostic and therapeutic)

 Medical technology

 Microencapsulation technologies

 Microwave cooking appliances

 Microwave heating technology

 Microwave power technology


 New product development and launch

 Novel chemical processes

 Novel chemical reactors


 Optical systems



 Patent applications and claims

 Patent evaluation

 Pet devices

 Photodynamic therapies and devices

 Plasma physics

 Product development


 Radar systems

 Radio frequency technology

 Refrigeration and cryogenics

 Scientific instrumentation

 Semiconducting materials


 Software development

 Solar concentrators

 Solid state physics

 Storm warning systems

 Superconductors and superconducting devices

 Technology assessment and transfer


 Thin films



 Vacuum systems

 Vacuum technology

 Wireless networks

Last Updated ( Friday, 20 April 2007 )
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