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"Name the greatest of all the inventors. Accident."

- Mark Twain

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Invent Resources (IRI) is a unique organization founded to meet your intellectual property, patent and new product needs. We have guided the development of more than 200 products and have been awarded more than 100 patents, formed more than 60 licensing arrangements and have over 30 patent applications in process. Annual sales for clients resulting from this intellectual property total several hundred million dollars. Composed of world-class senior scientists and engineers, we draw upon our extensive backgrounds in research, technology, and business.

Two of our latest inventions to market 

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Green Product for Businesses - GreenSpec Listed!

IRI's members have advanced degrees in physics, mathematics, material sciences, and engineering from MIT, Columbia University, Technion and The University of London. We have authored numerous books and articles in scientific and management fields - more than 500 papers and invited presentations in all. In addition, we hold distinguished awards from the technical community including twelve R&D 100 Awards from R&D Magazine.

IRI's creations include: the ten-second hand dryer, the electronic time stamp, the electronic credit card calculator, the electronic checkbook calculator, active electronic jewelry, the golf club head with the expanded "sweet spot", a line of eight different microwave appliances including the microwave corn popper and the microwave coffee maker, advanced microwave ovens, advanced electric ovens, and samarium cobalt magnets.

IRI accepts requests from organizations and individuals to provide the outsourcing of inventions. We Invent Upon Demand in a wide range of industries and technologies, both low and high tech. A large list of inventions in the area of consumer products is available upon request. Our personnel are available as consultants to provide support in developing and prototyping new, proprietary products. There is no upfront cost to the client during the invention process when IRI considers the posed problem and attempts to find viable and cost-effective solutions. Prior to IRI considering a such a request, potential clients must confirm that they have the wherewithal to fund the project should both parties decide to move forward.

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