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"If you are only skeptical, then no new ideas make it through to you."

- Carl Sagan

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Invent Resources (IRI) is currently working with established firms, marketing organizations and startups in many diverse areas. Whenever we approach a problem we seek low technology, patentable solutions.

To evaluate a potential concept or product, IRI requires that clients have the means and wherewithal to market or promote the resulting intellectual property. New products that we agree to develop should have well defined and demonstrable markets, and the requesting individual or organization should have experience in terms of marketing, manufacture and/or distribution to markets.

The following are some examples of our active projects for which licenses may be available. A lengthy list of consumer product inventions is available upon request.

  • A new means for protecting fruits and vegetables from spoilage in a fridge
  • A new means for monitoring the freshness of foods in a fridge
  • A device that will sterilize large kitchen knives in one second
  • A new, healthy snack food made from potatoes or other vegetables (and some fruits)
  • A microwave espresso maker and other coffee-related devices for microwave ovens
  • A microwave grill with all the features of the George Foreman grill but our's is cordless
  • A microwave cookie baker
  • A microwave toaster
  • A wine preserving device that is far better than evacuating part of the air head-space
  • Non-wearing, non-sticking cooking utensils
  • A 30-second toaster
  • A rapid food dehydrator for the kitchen
  • A rapid lobster cooker
  • A monitor of cooking oil quality
  • A colorized MagnaDoodle for children
  • A new clothing fastener for the elderly
  • A new type of polarized sunglass to help golfers read greens more effectively, skiers to see moguls more readily and to distinguish ice from snow
  • A generation of faster skis, snowboards and sleds
  • Non-fogging ski/swimming mask/goggles
  • A wet (dry) suit for diving that remains warm for extended periods
  • A tennis racket sensor that offers the player feedback about the quality of the hit
  • A means of illuminating golf balls, soccer balls, baseballs, frisbees and the like for night play
  • A car seat cover that relieves driving stress
  • A monitor of motor oil quality
  • Patented methods for rapidly charging batteries for automobiles and power tools
  • Patented methods for increasing the efficiency of catalytic processes
  • A fast and safe hair dryer
  • A 10-second hand dryer
  • Rust preventive liners
  • A novel means to impose one's personal images on existing television programs
  • A new type of perfume
  • A new type of adhesive
  • A new type of sunscreen
  • A way for blind people to write their own Braille
  • An inexpensive means of protecting homes from wildfires
  • A tornado detector
  • Inexpensive tamper evident packaging for foods and pharmaceuticals
  • A dog collar that controls barking without electric shock or irritating, high-frequency signals
  • A smart pet door that allows a pet to gain access to the outside (or inside of the home) using a unique signature of the pet. No other pet or animal can gain entry to the home.
  • A device to measure and provide feedback for physical manifestations of stress
  • An optical cancer diagnosis system
  • A cryoablation catheter
  • New types of endoscopic instruments
  • A long-lasting means of removing rust from toilet tanks
  • A system for killing roots at the top of septic pipes
Last Updated ( Sunday, 08 July 2007 )
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