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"Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't."

- Mark Twain

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Invent Resources (IRI) has a valuable inventory of innovations available for licensing. This includes a broad spectrum of products and processes in fields including: advanced materials, biomaterials, chemical processes, consumer devices, cosmetics, display technology, electrochemistry, health care devices, home appliances, lighting technology, medical devices, microwave systems, novelties, optical devices and systems, pharmaceuticals, puzzles and games, semiconductor and superconductor technologies, sports devices, toys, etc.

Companies and individuals may obtain a listing of these items by executing a simple confidentiality agreement. Products that IRI has successfully licensed include the following:

  • Apparatus for Coating Optical Fibers
  • Apparatus for Film Deposition
  • Apparatus for Measuring Alcohol Concentration
  • Atraumatic Holder and Manipulator
  • Blinking Electronic Jewelry
  • Bookie-Buster System
  • Bottleneck Puzzle
  • Chemical Protection of Asbestos
  • Computer Watch
  • Concentrated Energy Microwave Appliance
  • Controlled Light Extraction from Light Guides and Fibers
  • Corn Popper with Butter Dispenser
  • Cylindrical Thermoelectric Cells
  • Delta Singlet Oxygen Continuous Reactor
  • Dispersion Hardening of Metal
  • Electronic Cribbage Game
  • Electronic ESP Testing Device
  • Electronic Horserace Calculator
  • Electronic Modulation of Magnetic Fields Electronic Roulette Game
  • Football Pools: Large Fortunes from Small Stakes
  • Generic Endoscopic Instrument
  • Glass Composition
  • Golf Club
  • Guide books for playing Lotto
  • Hand dryer
  • Hybrid Ice Mapping Ablation Catheter
  • Laparoscopic Retractors
  • Lightweight Low Loss Refractive Light Diffusion System
  • Luminaire
  • Magnetic Copper Jewelry
  • Magnetic Searing Plate
  • Microwave Coffee Maker
  • Microwave Cooking Utensil
  • Microwave Corn Popper Appliance
  • Modulation of Magnetic Fields Formed by Solenoids
  • Prevention of Hydrogen-Embrittlement in Oxygen-Bearing Copper
  • Process for Coating Optical Fibers
  • Process for Film Deposition
  • Seed Heating Microwave Appliance
  • Sequential Self Tying Sutures
  • Source code for programs within MACSYMA
  • Switchable Superconducting Elements and Pixel Arrays
  • Temporal and Spatial Control of Field Topologies in Solenoids
  • Thermoelectric Devices with Recuperative Heat Exchangers
  • Thin Flexible Electronic Calculator
  • Tornado detection system
  • Ultrasonic Freeze Ablation Catheters and Probes
  • Wart Remover
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 06 June 2007 )
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